Thursday, August 24, 2006

There's NO Place Like Home!!

Due to recent events, for our safety, it is now necessary to dispense with all lotions, liquids etc while traveling on the airlines. This may sound simple enough, but that's never the case. On a recent trip to Montreal we wound up having to go through both customs and security twice. (don't ask!) Our luggage passed through security easily the first time - but when the exact same process was repeated hours later there was a different result. How can this be? Why was it fine for the possibly lethal mascara to pass undetected on the first go around and then need to be removed from our possession? As I tried asking this question to the (2o year old?) security person it was clear that questions are not to be entertained. The task at hand was eliminating the possible threat to airline travel. The likelihood that we were hiding whatever it is that they're looking for in a tube of M.A.C. mascara - is common sense not at all involved in this process? The most I could get out of the smug security person as to why we were able to infiltrate the first go around - "human error". Well, that certainly made me feel safe.
I liken the steps that are being taken to ensure our safety to a visit to the pediatrician's office. The doctor will sometimes send a young mother out with a perscription that is not really needed -the thought being that it's better to leave with something for the child (even if they will get better on their own) I am showing my age here -they don't do that as much as they did 20 years ago with the findings on overuse of antibiotics. Perhaps those in charge feel that if we're doing something to prevent (most) liquids/gels etc. from making it through security it will make people feel better. I don't know - but I do know that my next trip will be a road trip!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Who Wants Normal?

I just seem to be picking winners - so much enjoyable reading these past few months. This is another one to add to that ever-growing list of books TBR. (to be read)
The fun here is with our heroine, Lily Brown, advice columnist fabulouso except, of course, when it comes to her own life. Added to the fun, an unexpected foray into the world of talk radio. Who knew?
The sister element of the story is one that always resonates with me. Lily's sister, Dana, is such a colorful character and finding out why that is might not be what you'd expect. Whoa! For more info visit

Monday, August 14, 2006

Something To Look Forward To!

One of the perks of doing the radio show- early copies of books I cannot WAIT to read! (of course many of them wind up sitting around way past the publication date depending on what's going on in my life) But -not this one! Due out at the end of the month - Anna Quindlen's RISE AND SHINE! Took this book with me to Chicago this past weekend - what a fabulous city, by the way, and am sooo enjoying it! Takes place in NYC and is about sisters - what could be bad? The best part - I will be interviewing Ms. Quindlen in early September and will air interview on September 9th. The tough part - she'll only be doing 10 minute interviews. It takes me that long to say "hello" - better cut that down to "hi" and work from there. It will be a true exercise in my ability to get the most important stuff out first. I wonder if I'll be able to "rise" to the occasion....and shine! Stay tuned.......

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

There IS A Problem!!

I'm not sure when the shift in common use of language began, all I know is that it seems to have taken on a life of its own. There are many examples in our day-to-day lives but the one that has planted itself firmly beneath my skin is the following and I will illustrate a sample conversation.
This one takes place at a convenience store and it goes like this:

I bring my overpriced items to the check-out counter. (okay, I know, it's a convenience store)
After the clerk asks whether or not I'd like a bag for my items (no, maybe I'll carry them out in my teeth!) I am given the total. I hand the clerk money and the change is handed back.
I say, "thank you." and the response - "no problem" (or its variation - "not a problem")
Perhaps I am showing my age, but I always thought the proper response was "you're welcome" or, also acceptable, "my pleasure" (although it's most likely far from.)
What does "not a problem" mean? Of course it shouldn't be a problem - it's their job!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Upcoming Shows

We are in the process of updating/redesigning the RWR web site so that I'll be be able to post more easily and you will, too! In the meantime I've had requests to let listeners know which books we'll be talking about ahead of time. I have guest hosts filling in the next two weekends.
8/12 - Rita Lussier, columnist for the Providence Journal will be taking about The Greatest Generation with her guest, Joe Corrente.
8/19- Sam Coale, book reviewer for the Providence Journal will be interviewing Vinny O'Neill author of Murder in Exile.

Friday, August 04, 2006

All Feedback CAN Be Positive!

It's all about managing the feedback- Toxic Feedback: Helping Writers Survive and Thrive by Joni B. Cole is a must read for all aspiring writers and the people who want to encourage them. What would have happened if Khaled Hosseini had given up and not had The Kite Runner published? Thank goodness we'll never know! Joni has stories from Khaled to fiction writer, Jodi Picoult plus many others. You will know that you are not alone in your quest for publication and that all feedback can be seen in a positive light! visit for more info!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What's In A Name?

Depends on who you ask.
Try saying this title three times straight without messing up. It's much easier to write about.
I wasn't sure about reading this one and I am SO glad I decided to give it a try. I read it pretty much straight through stopping only for what was necessary. (feeding kids, bathroom -stuff like that) I just HAD to see what happened next. I am thrilled that I have found this author. I'm not usually one for a murder mystery element but with The Abortionist's Daughter it works. The dialogue moves the book along and the very though provoking situations enrich the reading experience. Put this one on your TBR list!
For an interview with the author visit