Friday, March 27, 2009

Tomorrow's Show!

Tune in 7-8am (920AM in the RI area) Reading With Robin
My guests will be authors Alice Hoffman and Adriana Trigiani!! 2 of my MOST favorite authors!! Lots of fun!! Follow me on Twitter...."robin kall"
The interviews will be posted on my site "soon!"


Monday, March 02, 2009

Radio Mom Meets Power Moms!!

Published at last! Published at last!!! Thanks to Wendy Walker and The Chicken Soup for the Soul people....I'm published at last!! The book debuts on Monday, March 24th! I will have copies for the first 2 Reading With Robin listeners who email to say they've seen this post!
For more info you can check out Wendy Walker's site at and click on "expo."
There is a book signing event on Friday, May 8th Barnes and Noble, Lincon Center from 1-3pm. I'll be there!!

We'll be having a special "Power Moms" edition of Reading with Robin on Saturday, May 2nd which can also be heard streaming live at
Join guests: Wendy Walker, Lisa Tener, Erin Goodman and Kimberly Beauchamp (all contributors) as we chat about being "power moms" and maybe even about chicken soup!!

For more info email me at