Monday, December 12, 2005

Puppy Pleasures

This filed under the ‘if you wait long enough’ files….
As I sit here typing – wonder of wonders…my trusty companion, Sir Aristotle (Ari) is curled up in a cozy little “doggie circle” doing just what my son told me he’d do in one of his aggressive dog-sales pitches which occurred from about the age of 3 and lasted until we caved when he was 14. He had other benefits of dog ownership listed at 3 – the one where the dog would lie at my feet didn’t kick in until I started hanging out at my desk about 7 years later. As for the aforementioned puppy lounging adoringly at my feet - It just took three and a half years to see this happen.
As anyone who listens to the show knows, we were never supposed to be
“dog people” but after years and years of compelling arguments and just a smidge of guilt – we did break down and welcome an addition to the family. What a journey this has been as neither my husband nor I grew up with a dog in our families. Every day is a learning experience and each day I cannot imagine our family without our beloved, Ari. Who knew?
Someone please remind me of this endearing rant when said son is off to bigger and better as a Freshman somewhere next year (college to be determined…soon!)