Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Pressure...of a blog post!!

Is it really possible that August '10 was the last time I posted something? the facebook updates, a tweet or's all too much. But on the other hand -I don't want to miss out on anything. Speaking of...Allison(I Don't Know How She Does It) Pearson's latest - I think I Love You is a winner!!Not only will you revisit the 70's -you'll have the soundtrack playing in the playground of your mind! Do not miss this treat!

Included in the "loved it lately" pile -Juliette Fay's Deep Down True,Ellen Meister's The Other Life and Caroline Leavitt's Pictures of You. There are others but if I get too busy with the details will never publish post!
Please check out Rita Lussier's blog - Rita shared about our last interview together and the wonderful time we enjoyed! I have been a fan of Rita's writing for many years. Everyone will relate and reflect!!