Monday, August 14, 2006

Something To Look Forward To!

One of the perks of doing the radio show- early copies of books I cannot WAIT to read! (of course many of them wind up sitting around way past the publication date depending on what's going on in my life) But -not this one! Due out at the end of the month - Anna Quindlen's RISE AND SHINE! Took this book with me to Chicago this past weekend - what a fabulous city, by the way, and am sooo enjoying it! Takes place in NYC and is about sisters - what could be bad? The best part - I will be interviewing Ms. Quindlen in early September and will air interview on September 9th. The tough part - she'll only be doing 10 minute interviews. It takes me that long to say "hello" - better cut that down to "hi" and work from there. It will be a true exercise in my ability to get the most important stuff out first. I wonder if I'll be able to "rise" to the occasion....and shine! Stay tuned.......


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