Friday, October 21, 2005

Video for Walking with Robin

To view a video of the most recent Walking with Robin CLICK HERE.

This video was created by my sister Jennifer to thank everyone who helped her reach her goal.

A Young RWR Listener! (my niece!)

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

My espanol is good enough! (adecuado)

Living with teenagers, every once in awhile the question of when something is going to be relevant in "real life" comes up. As I am (almost) always honest with them I tell them that it's likely that much of what is learned won't really matter but that they need to learn it just the same. (hey, I did!) The BIG exception and what has probably served me best is what I learned in the Spanish classrooms. A big gracias to the senors, senoras and senoritas who taught me in grades 6-12! I cannot count the number of times my Spanish has come in handy and the smiles I have been graced with when the recipient of my botched attempts to communicate realizes that I am making an effort. Most recently I was able to let my gardeners know that the dog was in the backyard and to let me know when I needed to unlock the gate so that they could get to the yard. I wanted to protect my "perro" and luckily I was able convey just that. Bueno for me!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Walking With Robin....Chapter 3!!

What an event! What a beautiful morning! What a WALK!!!
The 10th Anniversary ACS Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk was something I will always remember. To be with over 8000 people who are walking together to raise money and awareness for breast cancer is an overwhelming feeling. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all those who came out to walk with us and to everyone who has donated so generously!
** It's never too late to make donations to the walk. If you'd like to do so online please visit and then click on Walking With Robin. If you'd prefer to write a check please make payable to "ACS MSABC" and send it to me at the radio station 75 Oxford Street Providence, RI 02905
Right now Walking With Robin is the #1 team!!!

My sisters and our daughters

My son and me

Aunt Eileen

RWR listeners!

FOM gang (Friends of Marjorie)

Chatting with Congressman Kennedy

.....and with Mayor Cicciline and my niece!

Walkers in the family

We really did walk!

Reaching Our Goal!