Monday, November 06, 2006

Mam or Hon?

Which is more disturbing? We've all heard the "I've been mam'd" chatter-it makes up feel old (older) immediately. But something else that's been bothering me, perhaps even moreso is the"hon" thing. Thanks, hon....etc. I'm not your hon-which I assume is short for honey. I don't know you, how can I be your honey? How can you presume to be so familiar.
"I'd like a medium hot coffee, a little bit of cream and three splenda."
"Thanks, hon, will there be anything else?"
"Yea-spill some of that hot coffee on yourself and next time maybe it will remind you NOT TO CALL ME HON!"
Who even uses these words? I would no more think of referring to a woman as "mam" as I would a guy, "sir." It's just beyond me. As much as that I find that completely irritating- having a 22 year old call me "hon" just does me in. I know, I know - they mean it in a nice way but someone has got to speak up about this.
How about this - just "thanks" will do. Not even "will there be anything else with this?" (but that's another rant for another day!)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Who Feels Sick??

Heartburn, anyone? I won't even bother asking what it is about Halloween that makes us think that unlimited candy is the way to go. Why ask when you know the answer to the question. Because it's Halloween, candy is everywhere and you have to do something to amuse yourself as you jump up each time the doorbell rings rushing to give it out to kids who already have too much. I love Halloween, I really do. I'm sure it's all of the good childhood memories associated with the holiday as well as all of the special ones when my own children were younger.
Note to self for next year - buy pumpkins early!! They come out way too early. It's still summer, so I walk past them. It just seems like one of those things you'll always be able to buy -like apples or something. As each day would turn into the next, I kept thinking I'd buy them soon. Not sure what the big deal was -too big, special trip? Whatever the reason just let me tell you that on the actual day -the day you'd better have your pumpkins on the stoop - not a good one to be found anywhere! I made several stops -even went to our favorite farm (where we had gone many weeks ago for pumpkins and french fries, but really for the french fries) and all they had were some sad looking, very small pumpkins in a big pumpkin playpen. I felt a little bit better when I saw that I wasn't alone. As I stood with my fellow "last minute pumpkin pickers" we all were brightened by the realization that we weren't the only fools who waited. Who kept passing by the plentiful lots of weeks ago and right there, we made a pact. A pact with perfect strangers, yet with a unifying situation. We would make the best of these little pumpkins reasoning that nobody will bother smashing them, the seeds were probably the best (lie) and that next year, we'd buy in September! (or at least the beginning of October!)