Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Kevin Calling!

Here I am waiting for Kevin Nealon to call me. ME! Kevin (SNL) Nealon is calling to talk to me about his book - Yes, You're Pregnant, But What About ME? I usually phone the author but I suppose if I were privy to Kevin's number I might be tempted to check in from time to time and reminisce about the days when SNL was Saturday Night! Why would he want that possibility looming? So I waited until his assistant, Melissa, called to say she had Kevin on the line. How cool! I wonder if Kevin spent any part of the day thinking he'd be speaking to me?
The book is incredibly entertaining and surprisingly, poignant as well. Becoming a father for the first time at age 53, when many are sending their children off to college , gives the reader an interesting perspective into the way Nealon views fatherhood. He jokes about receiving his AARP magazine while his wife, Susan, receives her Pregnancy Today.
Kevin muses about all of the important information in a book being contained on the tops of pages - that authors know that nobody bothers to read the bottom of the page. Well, I read both the top and the bottoms of all of Kevin's pages and it was well worth the additional effort :)
A fun and funny book from a guy (and now dad!) who has always made me laugh!