Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Good thing we live in a world with dvr because after watching a segment on Oprah today-I was glad I was able to rewind and make sure I heard what I thought I did.
Oprah was doing a segment with personal chef, Art Smith, and was going on and on about this chicken dish which is her favorite,favorite,favorite- okay, we get it. You love this dish!
What was completely shocking and incredibly offensive was when Oprah went on to punctuate this display of passion for this food and said something to the effect of this being the meal to have if you are going TO THE GAS CHAMBER!!!THE GAS CHAMBER!!! How in the world can this woman so casually throw around a reference which one would attribute immediately to the atrocities of the Holocaust. I can only imagine her outrage if someone in the media likened the desire for a last meal as something to have on the way to a lyching! imagine!!
I played back the comment a few times to make sure I got it right.When the show came back from break I was expecting some type of mea culpa from the Big O. But no such apology was forthcoming. I thought for sure someone on her staff would have alerted her to what could have only been a stupid comment. I wonder what Elie Wiesel would say if he knew the woman he traveled through Auschwitz with would make such a matter of fact comment about the gas chamber.Hmmm.....I would love to have a public apology from the mighty Oprah on this but as my attempts to reach her through the years to connect on our mutual love of books has proved fruitless I am not too confident that a criticism will reach her any faster. It's hardly unlikely that this blog is on Oprah's list of must -reads but just in case it is!