Monday, January 07, 2008

Hint of Spring?

I'll take it. I know it's just for a short time and I realize we are now in the "dead of winter." But...still -it was in the 50's today and tomorrow promises (as much as the weather team is ever accurate) to be in the 60's. Could almost be a day to go to the beach. East coast beach in the winter. Why not?
Anything that points to spring is welcome -very welcome in my book. The fact that the sun now sets just a little bit later each night is a happy thought. Each night - one minute (or so) closer to those sweet spring evenings when going out after dinner doesn't seem like such a wild idea. You can smell it in the air - the promise of what's to come. We might have blizzards, icy conditions and (hopefully!) a snow-day or two but for right now I have the feeling that the songs of spring aren't as far away as they seemed a few weeks ago. And I'll take that!