Thursday, March 13, 2008


It's here - a harbinger of Spring. My favorite of all seasons. The crocus shoots are coming up, the daylight lasts longer, spring training is happening in the South. You get the idea.
The Girls Scouts have started delivering the cookies!! When they begin taking orders in January the countdown many weeks until they are delivered and how to manage the loot once it arrives. Being a huge supporter of the Girl Scouts ever since I was one myself-I buy way too many and then have to devise a plan to distribute the cookies to people who'd like them but say "they'd better not." These cookies come but once a year which definitely adds to their allure. After all - with all of the amazing cookies available all year round what is it about the Girl Scout cookies that have such a powerful hold? It's the memories -has to be. The cookies really aren't even that great anymore. Ok-the thin mints will always be, well...."mint!" Plus if you put them in the freezer they are frozen and yummy and if you happen to forget they are in the freezer you have quite a treat coming that you don't even know is coming! I have the boxes from the scouts in the neighborhood and soon the ones from my nieces will arrive. In total we have probably purchased 25 boxes of cookies. Perhaps next year I'll write the check to GSA and forget about the cookies.Naaaaaaah!!!!