Monday, July 17, 2006

Just Trying To Check Out (A Robin Rant)

Why oh why do I often get on the "wrong" check-out lines at the supermarket? At this point in my supermarket career you'd think I'd be able to spot the warning signs. Sometimes there are none. The self-checkout lanes, if reliable, would be an attempt to circumvent the possibly over involved checkout clerk. The "if" on that reliable is key. Each and every time I have attempted to fly solo on the checkout there has been a problem. They even have clerks on stand-by furthering my suspicions that even they know it is far from a perfect system. I have all but given up on the self-checkout. Instead, I search for the most harmless looking clerk, one whose line seems to be moving at a reasonable speed. Yesterday I thought I finally found it. Things were moving along pretty well until "you're gonna pay this much for a tomato?" "why....uh...yes." The clerk pretty much rolled her eyes as she continued scanning in my items. I looked around to see if anyone else had heard. The woman behind me was placing her groceries on the belt and eyed me suspiciously. Was I supposed to feel badly? Would she have said anything if I had in my cart pints of Ben&Jerry's and Mint Milanos? Somehow I doubt it. The thought that someone would indulge in something like a tomato was just beyond her. That's fine, to each their own. Maybe the clerks should just stick to scanning and if the mood should move them....bagging!


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