Sunday, October 29, 2006

More Photos From The Walk!

Thank you to everyone who participated with us for this year's Walk! From the walkers to those who donated to those who emailed with words of support. It was ALL greatly appreciated!
To date our team has raised over $11,600 online. (does not count checks turned in at the walk) The good news is that you are still able to donate and it will count towards our goal. The site will be up for awhile. Please go to Click on rhode island and then on Providence, then click on "walking with robin" which is listed on homepage under "top teams." Once there you can click on any of the names in our team to make your donation. If you would prefer to write a check it can be made payable to "ACS MSABC" and you can send it to me at 75 Oxford Street, Providence, RI 02905 and I will include with team checks.
It was just an incredible day from the weather to the spirit at the park. Everyone is already talking about next year! (I'm sure they'll figure out the parking by then!) There were many more people this year than expected as this event is continuing to grow which all helps to further our goals of raising money and awareness. This is something we do each year with family and friends and I hope you'll join us next year in our treasured tradition!
xo - Robin

This photo is of my sisters, our girls and me - we honor the memory of our most special mother and grandmother at this walk and every day.


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