Friday, September 15, 2006

Whose best friend?

I know, it's not polite to eat in front of someone without offering to share. I even remember that one from my school days. "Robin, do you have enough gum for the entire class?" In fact, I often did and was prepared when the question was posed. (this is not entirely true, but it sounds pretty good.)
So here I am trying to get some work done and I have taken a box of melba snacks to keep me company. Melba snacks -nothing really great...just melba! All my pal, Ari, has to do is hear the slightest hint of a box being opened with those huge ears of his and he's right there. At your side - ready for whatever he can get. He's not shy about it either. He'll sit there nicely hoping to be offered something....anything. When (if) that doesn't happen he'll be more direct. He'll bark. Then bark again. So, of course, I give in. I share. But I really don't want to. I know it's not good for him. I'm more careful about his eating habits than I am with my own. (okay, it's not always a melba snack I'm after) I suppose my friend is a good reminder to only have a few of something because who wants to listen to that insistent barking? Right now he is resting on the couch in my office- he's content. He might even fall asleep. I won't be fooled - if he even so much as senses my movement towards that box he'll be right here by my side. My friend.


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