Friday, September 16, 2005

Article about the C.H. Booth Library

A Successful Campout For The 30th Annual Labor Day Book Sale

By Nancy K. Crevier

Thousands of people visited the sale held Saturday, September 3, through Wednesday, September 7. "It was a mob scene," laughs Ms Maki, "and some people come back every day.".........................
One of the things Ms Maki loves about the book sale is that each year there is a story behind the scenes. And this year did not let her down. Every year volunteers sport T-shirts with a snappy saying. This year's quote, "Reading is a Gift You Give to Yourself," was gleaned from a story on National Public Radio. Ms Maki did a little research to disclose the source, and discovered that it came from Robin Kall, of the Providence radio program, Reading With Robin. As a gesture of thanks for granting permission to use her quote, Ms Maki sent Ms Kall a T-shirt and articles about the book sale. In return, Ms Kall made mention of the sale on her show, only to receive an email from one of her listeners: "We were at the sale and we saw the shirt!"....
Not to downplay the monetary benefit for the town's library, "It's the little stories that makes every book sale special and successful," says Ms Maki.


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