Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Making Excuses

I was at the market yesterday - just ran in for a few things so I wasn't there for more than 15 minutes. In that time I ran into two women that I know both of whom stopped to chat. What struck me on the way home (no, not a car thank goodness!) was that both conversations began in the exact same way. Each woman apologized for her appearance. The first let me know that she had just had a facial and thus the lack of make-up. I hadn't given it any thought but as long as it was brought to my attention I proceeded to take a look. She looked like she was relaxed and well-scrubbed. Woman #2 was at the deli counter and as soon as I said "hello" she commented that she had been working all day at home and hadn't even taken a shower yet. (isn't that one of the perks of a home office?) Are we all so worried that we are constantly being judged on our appearance that we feel the need for a preemptive strike?
I can just picture a similar exchange when men bump into eachother. "Hey, Joe....what's up?" "Dan, great to see you! Don't mind me I haven't had time for a shave yet." Yea, like that conversation is EVER going to happen. It's just not the same - never will be.


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