Friday, July 10, 2009

No Excuse NOT To Read This Book!!

I do not remember the last time I read a book start to finish without so much as an upward glance. (It might have been Are you there, God?) Julie Klam's memoir, Please Excuse My Daughter, is unputdownable! Groomed/doomed for princesshood made for many hours of therapy which Julie shares with the reader as if a BFF! She may have led a sheltered life but when the tides turn and self-reliance is necessary Ms.Klam comes through like the winner her loving family raised her to be! What a treat of a read!!! Just fabulous!! The music,movie references make me certain that I would see anything Julie writes, produces or directs! How wonderful to put into words where you've come from and to be able to pass along to future generations. Just like Dorothy was there all along!!