Friday, May 01, 2009

In Studio / On-Air Party!!!

The latest version! (chicken soup people not happy that there was an "X" through the chicken soup...go figure!)

Join us tomorrow morning on Reading With Robin 920AM from 7-8am (also streaming live at ) My guests will be (in no particular order!) Lisa Tener, Kimberly Beauchamp and Erin Barrette Goodman...fellow Power Moms and from Families First RI - Sarah Sinclair and Lisa Kirshenbaum! Wendy Walker -our fearless editor will phone in to join in the conversation!
Later on in the day please join us at NK Library 2pm to hear us talk about our stories -answer questions and books will be for sale to benefit Families First RI!

And it continues.....Sunday May 3rd we'll be at the Southern New England Women's Expo ( Doors open at 10am. I have tickets for $2 off admission so if you'd like one please email me at and I'll put one aside for you! Lots of fun stuff going on all day....hope I get to see some of it!

Thanks for tuning in!!