Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Feast or Famine!!

When it comes to blog updates this is the way it seems to be for me. This is definitely "feast!"
Had such a great time last night at a RISD cupcake making class. Learned a few techniques but was really there to have a good time which is clearly evidenced by the lack of technique shown in my assortment of cupcakes. Had a little bit of help with "Elmo" but other than that it's all my own work! There was more frosting at our table than is really safe to have around but I did manage to hold out until they brought out THE CHOCOLATE KIND!!! All bets were then off, however, as there was no cold milk to go along with -it lost its appeal -but only slightly!
In all fairness to the woman who was attempting to control a group of women(about 16 of us!) after a long day and with just too much sugar around , she really had very little cupcake humor. Especially difficult (for me) was the explanation of how to properly hold the bag with the frosting..and the squeezing technique and the just right amount of can see where this is going. Anyway - daughter appropriately mortified...others allowed a giggle or two. I mean, come on! One of my favorite parts was our instructor with an in-depth explanation about the proper and not-as-same-as-you'd-think...placement of eyes on Cookie Monster and Elmo! This said with a completely monotone delivery and way too straight of a face! again...come on!! A great time had by all!! And as you would think -a bit "hungover" this morning!!